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Corporate technology for a fraction of the price

Works everywhere your child is, not just inside the home

Automatically protects against scam and fraud websites

SoaringSafe uses a combination of three technologies to protect the phone while not getting in the way. The first two technologies are called VPN and MDM technology. The third is a proprietary technology developed by SoaringSafe engineers. 

Both VPN and MDM technology are used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies to control company devices. SoaringSafe is the first to take that same proven technology and apply it to the home.

No personally identifiable information about the child is stored by SoaringSafe. This includes the child's last name, email, content, social accounts etc.

If parents have "history" turned on, then the child's browsing activity is securely stored for a period of 30 days for viewing by parents. After 30 days, browsing history is securely deleted.

If the history function is turned off, only aggregate information such as website type and time spent is stored on SoaringSafe servers for viewing by parents.

SoaringSafe contains over 200 popular apps that can be restricted or blocked with one click. More apps are being added all the time.

Want to block an app we don't have? It's easy to create a custom block. Instructions are in our forums.

In addition, 25 Million porn and violent websites are automatically blocked. Other categories of websites (such as dating) can be blocked with one click. Finally, any individual website can be blocked or allowed.

A child would have to dig deep into multiple settings to disable SoaringSafe. If they do manage to disable SoaringSafe in any way, the parent will get a text message.

Parents can temporarily disable soaring safe on a child's device with one click from the app either on the parent or child's phone. Parent's can uninstall SoaringSafe from the app with two clicks.

We were frustrated with all the low quality "parental control" apps on the market. Our team set out to make something different.

First, we believe that the best protection is a quality conversation between parents and children. SoaringSafe seeks to enable that conversation. For example, it doesn't make children feel shamed when a website is blocked.

We believe that parents don't want to spy on their kids. Nor do they want to control their kids, we believe they want to protect their kids.

Finally, we made a solution that actually works without you noticing. Meaning it gets out of the way and doesn't inhibit phone useage. For example, it works fast and doesn't drain the battery.

SoaringSafe must be installed on every device you want to protect. After SoaringSafe is installed, you do not need access to that device again to change settings etc.

After SoaringSafe is installed, you can manage devices from your own app, or from any computer at

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