Simple and Effective Parental Control App
Blocks adult content, violence, and predators across all cellular and wifi networks.

Meet SoaringSafe

Kids feel safe. Parents feel secure. Plus, it's a breeze to install.

Pick which apps are allowed

Select specific apps and website categories. Or select age appropriate defaults.


It actually works

SoaringSafe blocks over 25 Million porn and violent websites and prevents 99.9% of “accidental exposures”

Say goodnight to the internet

Set a turn-off time for weekdays
and weeknights


With safety comes security

Protects against over 3 Million phishing, virus, and scam websites.


One Click Installation

Install SoaringSafe on the child’s device with one click. Then manage settings from any computer or smartphone.

Cellular and Wi-Fi connections

Works on any Wi-Fi or cellular network. SoaringSafe works everywhere your child is.

For High Speed Connections

Won't slow down your child's phone or drain the battery

Get email updates

Optional device usage reports by email or text. You can also get reports in the app at anytime.


Search Safely

Most early exposures to violent pornography occurs on Google Images. SoaringSafe ensures that each search is done safely

Homework Safe

SoaringSafe won’t block sites needed for homework. It works using a sophisticated algorithm that blocks unwelcome sites without frustration.


It continues to work even if the app is deleted. If teens do try to disable SoaringSafe, parents get a notification.

The only solution that:

✓ Is easy to install and use

✓ Works on any Apple device (iOS 8+)

✓ Works across all Wi-Fi and cellular connections

Aren’t iOS restrictions enough?

iOs restrictions only work with Safari (most teens use multiple browsers). SoaringSafe works with all browsers. iOS restrictions also do not allow for blocking apps, bedtimes, or filtering search results.

We've done the research for you

Other Solutions
Designed for
iOS Devices
Android (adapted to iOS)
One click
As many as 34 steps to install
Where it works
School, Starbucks, Everywhere
Mostly at home
Netflix and Hulu?
Works with Netflix and Hulu (an industry first)
Are always blocked by Netflix and Hulu
Learning curve
Simple to set-up and manage
Hundreds of settings
Doesn't slow down device
Bogs down the device


Mom to 3 teenagers

“SoaringSafe has been a lifesaver for our family. It has made both me and my kids more confident and excited about the internet.”


Dad of two pre-teens

“We felt like our kids weren’t safe when they have their phones outside the house. Now we don’t have to scare them.”


Mother to a teenager

“SoaringSafe helps me have a healthy conversation about safety with my teen. He doesn’t feel like I’m spying on him.”

Interested in SoaringSafe for Schools?

SoaringSafe has a solution for school districts


"SoaringSafe has more FREE features than others have PAID features..."
- Cindy M.

Other Solutions
Set a Bedtime
Free Forever
Unlimited Devices
Free Forever
Block Porn and Violence
Free Forever
Filter Search and YouTube
Free Forever
Block Categories of Websites and Apps
Free Forever
Block Individual Apps
Set Additional Offtimes
Not Available
Block Individual Websites
Not Available
Block Viruses and Scams
Not Available
Premium Price (Yearly)
$3.49 / month
$8.50 / Month
Premium Price (Monthly)
$4.99 / month
$11.99 / Month

Protect your entire family

With one account and one low price


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